Powder Coating Company:
40 years of experience in powder coating

Since 1973 Powder Coating Company has evolved from a regional powder coating specialist to an international powder coating company.

With customers based in The Netherlands, mainland Europe and overseas we provide industrial powder coating solutions for all sorts of products and applications. We provide a full service from transportation to our plant, blasting, powder coating, curing, temporary storage and shipping to your preferred destination.

Situated between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp

powder coatingPowder Coating Company is situated on a strategic location between the 2 largest ports of Europe. Within a distance of 35 kilometers (20 miles) to Rotterdam and 55 kilometers (35 miles) to Antwerp Powder Coating Company is ideally situated between the 2 most important gateways to Europe.

For international companies who ship through these ports we can provide the necessary powder coating services which makes shipping less expensive and prevents damaging during shipping.

Competitive powder coating prices

Industrial powder coatingMake no mistake: quality remains our number 1 concern. The whole essence of powder coating is supplying your products with a highly protective and colorful coating. But high quality and competitive prices do not have to exclude one another.

It is not in a lower quality that we can provide these competitive prices. It is through optimizing our production process, a better organization, high flexibility and low overhead costs that we can compete with overall low prices in powder coating.

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