Powder coating colors & techniques

Powder coating is essentially a technique to protect metals to external influences as rain, sun, snow, corrosion, acids, humidity and a lot of other conditions and substances that can damage your products.

Although this protective quality lies at the heart of powder coating, the esthetic part is what makes your product stand out from the crowd. A well powder coated product in the right color in the best possible finishing will uplift your product and brand.

Choice in colors

Powder coating colorsWith Powder Coating Company you can have your pick in colors and finishes. We offer all existing RAL colors as well as a number of special top layers or finishes that can give a special surface effect on your products.

We have a wide variety of primers at hand. In a 2 layer system we can provide a high quality finishing. For an absolute top result we can even apply a 3 layer finishing.

3 choices in powder coatings

Depending upon the usage of your product or object we can apply 3 different powder coatings: 

  • Epoxy powder coatingEpoxy powder coating
    A great powder coating that gives your product a superb corrosion resistance. Epoxy powder coating however is not the best solution when products are exposed to weather influences as its coloring can be affected during time.
  • Polyester powder coating
    Polyester powder coating is especially suited for protecting against UV radiation. It will protect against corrosion but not as durable as epoxy powder coating. For objects or products that are in full sunlight in relatively dry places this coating is your best pick.
  • Epoxy polyester powder coating
    The best of both worlds: Epoxy polyester powder coating is a good anti-corrosive powder coating as well as an adequate solution against UV radiation.


The powder coating process

At Powder Coating Coating Company we offer our customers a full service solution. Here we will give a short overview of the powder coating process including some special services:

    • Transportation to our plant
      For our European customers we can provide transportation to our plant in The Netherlands. This will be handled by third party logistic partners. Of course some customers prefer to handle transportation by their own logistic partners which is perfectly fine for us.
    • Blasting
      In order to remove old layers of paint or corrosion blasting is an inevitable part of the powder coating process. It also makes the surface of the metal better suited for powder coating.Powder coating process
    • Cleaning process
      A comprehensive cleaning process is the last step before the actual powder coating can be applied. It is one of the most important steps in the whole process as a 100% clean surface is essential for a highly qualitative coating.In this pre-treatment phase an iron phosphate wash gives a very adhesive surface for powder coating. Phosphating enlarges the surface of the metal and provides a superb corrosion inhibition.
    • Protection of parts that do not need a coating
      Maybe not all parts of your product or object do need a coating. You can think of  tap-holes, screw threads and other parts that need protection. We will cover these parts in order to prevent powder coating to reach these parts.
    • Manual powder coatingPowder coating
      During the actual powder coasting phase the coating in the chosen color is being sprayed upon the product.We have several powder coating lines where we can handle products piece-by-piece or through our conveyer lines.
    • Curing
      Curing is the process of heating the powder coated products. By doing this the coating will melt and bond to the surface of the coated product.In fact, curing is a chemical reaction caused by the high temperature, also known as cross linking. At a temperature between 160 and 200 degrees Centigrade this cross linking will take place making the coating the exact protective layer we are looking for.
    • Temporary storage
      Within our powder coating plant we have ample room to stock the finished products until they are ready for shipping. If by request of our customers a longer period of temporary storage is needed we can make use of third party logistic solutions.
    • Shipping to your preferred location
      Upon your request we can ship the finished products or object to your preferred location. We can rely upon several logistic partners, even when special transportation is needed for very large objects. Of course customers can choose to take care of their own shipping. 

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