Powder coating

A complete service in powder coating

Powder Coating Company provides a complete service in powder coating. Blasting, cleaning, powder coating, curing, packing, shipping, we can provide it all. Besides, we can add some extra services as transportation to our plant from the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. The same goes for storing and shipping the finished goods to their final destinations.

Powder coating colors and techniques

industrial powder coating techniquesProtection and color, that is what it’s all about in powder coating. But how does it work?

Here we will get into the techniques of powder coating, the different powder coating materials and the world of colors and finishes.

Powder Coating Company offers a full range of services and powder coating facilities. We will take care of your orders right from A to Z.

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Blasting and cleaning

Cleaning before powder coatingBlasting is an integral part of powder coating. We use glass beads and Corundum as blasting materials. For both materials we use separate blasting rooms.

Cleaning is the last and important phase before the actual powder coat will be sprayed. We apply different cleaning techniques for different purposes.

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Powder coating metals

powder coating metalsPowder coating is available on all sorts of metals like steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, stainless steel, chrome and even on MDF wood.

The powder coating process is adjusted according to the kind of material we need to coat. Especially in the phases of blasting and cleaning you will find different approaches for each metal.

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Industrial powder coating

Powder Coating Company is pre-eminently an industrial powder coating company. We offer a large capacity in serial coating possibilities as well as single unit orders. We also have a lot of experience in handling special orders for large objects or more complex products.

Our industrial customers come from all over the world, mainly from The Netherlands and Belgium, but due to our proximity to the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp we also are proud to serve our customers form Asia, South America and the United States.

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