We have said it before and we will say it again: Quality is our main concern throughout the whole powder coating process. But that does not rule out low and competitive prices. A flexible and low overhead organization allows us to concern all our efforts on the process of powder coating ensuring high quality AND low prices.

What makes up the price of powder coating?

Several factors contribute to the total price of powder coating. Let’s examine some of these factors in detail:

  • powder coating difficult objectsRemoval of corrosion and old layers of paint or coating
    This is an important and time consuming factor for older or existing products. For newly produced parts or products this is not an issue of course.
  • Characteristics of the product
    Large dimensions, difficult to reach corners and spaces, delicate parts, there are a lot of factors that have an impact on the process and the cost of powder coating. Of course serial coating will lower the prices considerably even for difficult to handle products.
  • Disassembling and covering of certain parts
    Sometimes it is needed to disassemble certain parts before powder coating. In other occasions some parts need to be covered or protected from powder coating (tap holes, screw threads e.g.).
  • powder coating costsMaterial costs
    Blasting material, powder coating, top layers, packaging material, it all contributes to the final cost price of powder coating. .
  • Cost of labour
    An important factor that often determines the difference between an expensive or competitive powder coating process. That is why we keep a very close eye on our organizational costs. Low overhead, flexible organization of the process, smart working, it all makes a very big difference.
  • Energy costs
    Especially the curing process absorbs much of heat and expensive energy. In ensuring a constant flow through the curing rooms and smart constructions we can save a lot of energy.
  • packing powder coated productsPackaging and shipping
    Normally Powder Coating Company takes care of packaging of your products. It all depends on the needs for protection according to the product or the customer’s specifications. Shipping is an option which can be handled by our logistic partners or by yours. Either way the cost of shipping makes for an integral part of the total cost price of powder coating.
  • Temporary storage
    A very low cost factor for storing products for small time intervals when your products are awaiting transportation. If longer storage is needed it will make a difference of course.

How we keep prices low

Our mission is simple and challenging: maintaining high quality powder coating AND keeping prices low and competitive. How do we do that?

  • Powder coating know howCraftsmanship
    With over 40 years of experience in powder coating we know our business. We know how to make sure you will end up with a high quality powder coating on your products. We also know what we can do to keep prices low. Let’s say that we have learned all this through good times and bad times.
  • Keeping overhead costs low
    We are honest about our biggest gains in lowering prices: keeping overhead costs absolutely to a minimum. All costs and energy should be put into the process of powder coating. That does not mean that we do not spend time in sales, planning and administration. What it does mean is that we prefer flexible ways of organizing these important tasks. It goes without saying that highly motivated and capable personnel is a necessary part of that process.
  • Flexibility
    powder coating large objects
    Flexible people, flexible processes, flexible organization. Maybe it’s the magic word within our company but it’s true.We can handle small orders, serial orders, special orders mixed through one another.Serial powder coatingWe have different blasting rooms for different blasting materials and several powder coating rooms.We have room for storage and warehousing. We can switch from mass production to single unit processing.To make a long story short:
    we are flexible and flexibility pays off.
    Higher efficiency, more effectiveness and lower prices.
  • The right equipment and capacity
    Modern coating and blasting equipment, easy to work rooms and enough space to handle larger and more complicated objects. It all helps us in working efficiently which translates in lower costs and a high quality. The same goes for the capacity to stock products. It gives us the opportunity to render an extra service to our customers and helps us in working smoothly.


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