Powder coating Europe

If your products are destined for Europe and they do need a protective and colorful powder coating then Powder Coating Company can supply you with all services from transportation, powder coating and shipping to your final destinations.

Our location close to the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp

Powder coating EuropeRotterdam and Antwerp are the 2 most important gateways to Europe.

These 2 cities and their massive ports are located close to each other and our powder coating facility is situated right in between these two ports.

This gives us a big advantage for international companies who are looking for powder coating plants that can apply a qualitative and colorful powder coating on their products.

Why powder coating in Europe is better and cheaper than in the country of origin?

When shipping to Europe you may decide to powder coat your products in the country of origin. But it makes more sense to start the powder coating process in Europe when Europe is the final destination of your products.

Most international customers are situated in Asia, Australia, South America, The United States and Canada. One could wonder whether it is not cheaper to powder coat your products within your own country?

There are multiple reasons why powder coating in Europe is the best solution if Europe is the destination of your products:

  • Lowering transporation costs inj powder coatingMore volume in containers makes transportation costs lower
    Packing and storing products and parts within containers is always a main concern.The more products and parts that will fit into the container, the cheaper the cost of shipping per product.When your parts and products are not yet coated they cannot be damaged. That provides new opportunities in packing and storing.
  • No special protective packing is needed
    This will give more room for storing your products and lowering the cost of shipping.In most cases the container arriving in the port must be unloaded in order to send smaller batches to different customers or distributors. This unloading can take place at our plant and after coating we can send it to your final destinations.
  • powder coating near rotterdamNo risk of damage during shipment or during unloading at port of destiny
    Damages can be a very costly matter.Of course your logistic partners may be responsible for the damage and may eventually pay for the loss but preventing damages is always more cost effective.The later you apply the final coating on your products the lower the risk of damaging during shipment.

Powder coating near the port of Rotterdam

Being the largest port in Europe, Rotterdam plays a significant role in distributing goods and products from all over the world to Europe and beyond.

As Powder Coating Company is located within 35 kilometers (20 miles) of the port of Rotterdam we are ideally located to help you getting your products coated and shipped to your destination of choice.

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Powder coating near the port of Antwerp

Antwerp is Europe’s second largest port, rivaling its neighbor Rotterdam. Powder Coating Company is situated within a distance of 55 kilometers (35 miles) of the port of Antwerp.

Transportation over land or water to our plant is easily available. Within less than an hour driving, your products can reach our plant in The Netherlands.

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