Packaging and Shipping

Powder coating involves much more than coating and coloring your product. Even when your product is “ready” this process has not come to an end, as far as we are concerned that is. Packaging and shipping your products or object is the final but decisive phase where a lot of problems can be prevented.

Packaging: An essential part of the powder coating process

Powder coating and packagingThe last operational phase of the powder coating process is the curing process where the object and the powder coating has been heated to temperatures around 180 degrees Centigrade.

After cooling down your product or object will be made ready for shipment.

Packaging may be the last phase within the coating process, but it is an important one. We want your products to arrive at your  destination in a perfect condition.

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Shipping to your preferred location

Either we or your logistics partner will ship your products or objects to your preferred location, whether it be the final location or a distribution warehouse. Here planning plays an essential role as the pick-up time has to be tuned with the transport company and the available space at your preferred location or warehouse.

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