Powder coating metals

Every metal needs special attention before powder coating. As we provide powder coating solutions for all sorts of metals and even MDF wood or plastics we have different approaches for each metal or material. Here we will get into the different metals and some special remarks regarding them.

Powder coating plain carbon steel

Powder coating steelThis is the basic type of steel. Plain carbon steel contains less than 5% of materials other than carbon or steel.

With this type of metal corrosion prevention is one of the most important issues. Therefore we tend to use epoxy powder coating.

If the object is used outdoors in dry sunny climates an epoxy polyester coating can be a perfect solution.

Powder coating stainless steel

Powder coating stainless steelA superb material for powder coating. Normally we apply polyester powder coating for stainless steel as corrosion is not a danger.

For blasting we can use either Corundum or glass beads. We do however also use glass beads to get an anti-glare effect on the stainless steel.

A powder coated product made from stainless steel will give a thorough protection for many, may years to come.

Powder coating aluminium

Powder coating aluminiumPowder coating aluminium (or aluminum to our American friends) is not a problem at all.

However cleaning the aluminium surface needs extra attention as a layer of aluminium oxide must first be removed from its surface. If not done well the powder coating will not bond with the aluminium surface that lies beneath this aluminium oxide layer.

Aluminium can be powder coated using epoxy, polyester or epoxypolyester powder coatings. Polyester coatings are mainly used.

The combination of powder coating and aluminium offers a long term protection and colorfast solution.

Powder coating galvanized steel

Powder coating galvanized steelAs galvanized steel has its own layer of protection against corrosion some people think that powder coating is not necessary on galvanized steel.

The protection of hot-dip galvanized steel however is not in the same league as protection from powder coating. Nowadays galvanized steel is one of the most popular steel metals that gets a finishing with powder coating.

Galvanizing and powder coating strengthens the protection for many years. Depending on its use (indoors or outdoors) all powder coating materials may be applied.

Powder coating on chrome

Can you powder coat on chrome? Yes we can. We even can give it a chrome look with all sorts of candy colors. It goes without saying that powder coating chrome needs special attention as it is not one of the easiest jobs, especially as most chrome parts do need an impeccable finish. You want your chrome parts to shine of course.

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