Industrial powder coating

Powder Coating Company has all the services and capacity to cater to the needs of industrial customers. Our powder coating plant is ideally suited for mass production as well as single unit orders. Flexibility is our main asset. We can rapidly change between different orders as we have several blasting, powder coating and curing rooms.

Competitive prices in high quality powder coating

Quality is and always will be our number 1 concern. That being said, we fully understand that a competitive price is a must for our industrial customers.

In most cases the cost of powder coating adds to the total cost price of our clients products as they need to sell their coated products to their respective customers. Therefore we have installed a continuous improving program to be able to supply our customers with the best possible powder coating at the lowest possible prices.

The high quality of the finished product is the only fixed variable in this process, all other price determining factors are continuously scrutinized.

Serial production

Industrial powder coating process

If you are looking for a solution in powder coating your serial products or parts we will be happy to become part of your team. We believe in a close relationship with our customers.

Supplying our partners with a full range of services is one of these things that helps them in achieving their goals. Besides coating your serial orders we can handle transportation to our plant in The Netherlands, provide temporary storage and shipping to your preferred locations.

As we are closely situated to the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, the two main gateways to Europe, we can add value in your supply chain. When your products are destined for Europe it is cheaper and more efficient to coat them here on European soil.

You can ship higher volumes within containers travelling to Europe as special protection is not needed yet. Special packaging is not needed until the products are coated and we can ship them fully protected on their last journey to your clients.

Single unit orders

Powder coating of single unit orders

Powder Coating Company also can handle all sorts of single unit orders. Thanks to our flexible set-up we can pass single unit orders fast and effective through all different phases of the powder coating process.

As with our serial orders our prices are very competitive for single unit orders and all our services we apply for serial production do also apply to our single unit orders.

Special orders

powder coating special ordersThroughout our 40 year history we have become a preferred powder coating supplier for special orders.

Large objects, products that contain parts of different materials or metals, difficult to handle objects, we have seen it all and we have acquired special skills in handling these objects.

Try us out, we will not disappoint you!

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Powder Coating Company would be pleased to be your partner in powder coating. It all starts with a very competitive quotation for your powder coating needs. In handling your orders you will experience our service and high quality from beginning to end.
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