Blasting is an essential part of the powder coating process. In the early days it was synonymous with sand blasting but nowadays there are other materials that offer much better results. At Powder Coating Company we use glass bead blasting and blasting with Corundum.

Why blasting is being applied?

BlastingBlasting offers many advantages. First and foremost it removes important contaminations as old parts of coating or paint, mill scale or existing corrosion.

But there is more to it. It also enlarges and roughens the surface of the metal. By doing that it provides better bonding for the powder coating to the surface.

Different blasting materials for different purposes

There is a large choice in blasting materials and abrasives. We apply glass beads and Corundum as these types of blasting offer a wide range of possibilities. The final choice depends on the sort of metal, the thickness of the surface and the state of contamination or corrosion.

Corundum blasting

Corundum blasting

Corundum is an oxide mineral with a hardness of 9.0 Mohs. It is the second hardest mineral on Earth after diamond which has a hardness of 10 Mohs.

Due to its hardness it can make an impact on any other object or mineral on Earth (except diamonds of course). That is why Corundum is being used as an excellent material for abrasives and blasting purposes.

Corundum is not a very rare mineral, on the other hand it is not that quite common to be found in every part of the world. Industrial Corundum for abrasive purposes is mined in Zimbabwe, India and Russia and it can also be artificially made out of Bauxite.
Corundum can be applied to all materials such as steel and iron work, stainless steel and aluminium.

Glass bead blasting

Glass bead blasting material

Glass beads are small particles of glass that are ideal for removing corrosion, welding slag and mill scale or other contaminations.

Blasting with glass beads makes for a smooth and clean surface. We like to use glass bead blasting for delicate surfaces such as copper, wood or plastics.

We often use it in combination with low pressure blasting in order to prevent damages to the surface.

Our blasting capacity

We have 2 large blasting rooms, one specially designated for Corundum blasting, the other for glass bead blasting. The Corundum blasting room is suited for objects of maximum 8 x 3 x 3 meters. The glass bead blasting room can handle objects to 7 x 2 x 2 meters. As all the phases of the powder coating process are organized within one single plant we can move products and objects fast from one phase to the other. Our blasting rooms therefore are joined to the cleaning and coating rooms.

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