Powder coating Rotterdam

When you are shipping products to Europe that need powder coating there is a good chance you will be shipping through the port of Rotterdam.

Being the largest port in Europe, Rotterdam receives a lot of freight with destination Europe and beyond.

As it is more efficient, cheaper and faster to coat your products at arrival instead of in the country of origin Powder Coating Company will be happy to become your powder coating partner.

Customers from all over the world

Powder coating port of RotterdamThe port of Rotterdam receives container ships from all over the world. Most container ships arrive from Asia, North and South America and Africa.

Countries like China, United States, Taiwan, Singapore, Brazil, Japan, India, Canada, Kenya, Nigeria and Bangladesh are among many other countries that are sending their products to the Unpacked and ready for powder coatingEuropean market.

Some of these products need powder coating. Sometimes the powder coating process has been taken care of in the country of origin, but more and more companies decide for a better alternative that eliminates damaged finished good during shipment and allows for more products to be send per container.

Powder coating at arrival in Rotterdam is most certainly a smart option.

Transportation from Rotterdam to our plant

After arrival of your products in the port of Rotterdam we can take care of transportation to our location in Waspik, at a 20 miles distance from Rotterdam.

Transport may be taken care of by road or by water. Of course your logistics partner may also ship directly to us.

Shipment from our plant to you preferred destination

After the powder coating process we can ship your products or objects to your preferred destination. Of course we also can cooperate with your logistics partner.

Temporary storage after powdercoatingTemporary storage

If needed we can provide for temporary storage of the finished goods. Within our plant at Waspik we have room for storage. If the volume is too large or the time of storage is relatively long we can look for temporary storage outside our plant.



Depending on your product and specifications we can take care of packaging. It goes without saying that your coated products or objects must be protected during transport, loading and unloading. We have a wide variety of packaging material for powder coated products.


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