Powder coating Antwerp

Powder Coating Company is situated in the southern part of The Netherlands on a location within 35 miles of the port of Antwerp in Belgium.

For international customers that send their products with destination Europe through the port of Antwerp we can provide a full service in powder coating.

Quality meets price

powder coating low pricesPowder coating is all about quality, but a competitive price is also extremely important, especially when you need to sell your products to customers in a competing market.

Powder Coating Company can offer both and when the final destination of your products is within Europe it is much more cost efficient to powder coat the products at arrival in Antwerp.

We may take care of transportation from Antwerp….and ship them off to your final destination

As an extra service Powder Coating Company may handle transportation from the port of Antwerp to our plant in Waspik, The Netherlands.

Another option is that your partner in logistics will take care of this. The same goes for shipping the powder coated goods to their final destination.

The advantages of powder coating at arrival in Europe

  • Powder coating AntwerpNo special packaging needed during the long journey to Europe
    As the definitive coating is not yet applied shipping your products will be easier. There is no need for special protective packaging, saving you money and loading capacity.
  • More efficient loading possibilities
    Loading a container without taking care of damaging paint or powder coating makes it faster and will result in loading more products within the same container, lowering the cost of transportation per product.
  • High quality powder coating in our plant
    Applying a high quality powder coating just before the final short leg of the journey of your products to your final customers makes sense: The risk of damaging is far lower and the coating is fresh and not deteriorated through manhandling of the container.

Powder coating and packagingTemporary storage available

We or your logistics partner may ship the finished products right after the powder coating process. However, sometimes temporary storage is desirable. Within our powder coating plant we have room for temporary storage. We also may ship your products to a temporary location of your choice.

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Powder Coating Company would be pleased to be your partner in powder coating. It all starts with a very competitive quotation for your powder coating needs. In handling your orders you will experience our service and high quality from beginning to end.
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