Temporary storage and shipping

As an extra service to our customers we can provide temporary storage for your powder coated products. Shipping your products to your preferred location is also an option to choose.

Temporary storage of powder coated products

storge of powder coated productsPowder Coating Company can provide temporary storage for serial coated products or single order units.

We normally can take care of temporary storage until transportation has been arranged.

However, upon request  we can provide temporary storage for longer periods. If temporary storage is not possible within our own facilities we can ship to temporary storage warehouses of third parties.

Shipping and handling

Storage powder coatings

Shipping your products to your warehouse or customers may be handled by Powder Coating Company.

We cooperate with several partners in logistics throughout Europe and beyond. If you are handling the shipping process we can provide the needed packaging for your products or objects.

Of course we all want that the powder coated products reach their final destinations undamaged and in excellent order.

Shipping within Europe

Truck transport powder coated materialsIn most cases shipping of powder coated products will be done by road.

Trucks can reach most important destinations in North Western Europe in hours and for South Europe and East Europe a day’s drive will take your products there.

Express delivery by air freight is another option as well as efficient transportation by water.


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