Protective Packaging

Transport is always a risky variable for your products, especially when your products just have received a qualitative powder coating. Powder coating in itself will protect your product but it goes without saying that you do not want your products dented or damaged. Therefore we prefer to make sure your product or object will be packed as safely as possible.

Mounting or assembling

powder coating and packingSometimes product parts need to be disassembled before powder coating.

The reasons may vary: some parts do not need a powder coating and disassembling these parts is the logical solution or it is necessary for effective powder coating that we do need to disassemble parts in order to reach some parts for blasting, cleaning or coating.

After the powder coating process these parts have to be mounted again. We can mount these parts before packaging and shipping.

Packaging according to your needs

shipment after powder coatingDepending on your product and your shipping needs we can pack your products in all sorts of ways, using all sorts of packaging materials.

Bubble wrapping, packing sleeves, paper, boxes, all is possible depending on the need and your specifications.

Making sure that your products obtain the protection they need, that’s our mutual concern.

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